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Always Tip Well

Travel tip: Always tip service workers, you never know when it will come back to you. The Delta meltdown this week created chaos, flights canceled followed by long delays, etc. My trip was extended by a day as a result. But, today I am flying home from DCA, where I fly in and out frequently. I almost always do curbside check in for my bag because 1) it is more convenient and 2) I like to support the baggage guys by tipping them well. As a result, they remember. Today, as usual, I went to curbside only to be told I had to see a full service agent due to the flight change, etc. So I take my bag and walk in to the terminal where the line was at least 75 deep. And then my regular curbside guy saw me and asked what was happening. He took my ID and went directly to an agent behind the counter and returned with my baggage ticket and boarding pass and then grabbed my bag for delivery to x-ray screening and loading....and I was on my way after another good tip. Tip well, my friends.

Airplane Chairs Are Not Handrails

Thirty minutes in to a two hour flight. Two little old ladies sitting behind me. In addition to their incessant chatter, each one has already vacated their seats twice. Normally I don't care but each time, they grab the back of my chair and let it go like a slingshot. Very annoying. Note to travelers. 1) plan ahead and take care if business before you board and 2) the chair in front of you is not a handrail and there is physics involved that affect others. I am at least glad I have my ear buds and downloaded "the hangover". ;)