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Another Self Absorbed Traveler

The MD 88 is a full sized aircraft with 3 seats on one side and 2 on the other. The overhead cargo bins are extended a bit on the 3 seat side and can fit most rollerboard bags straight in. I always board with a briefcase that takes little room so I always load it in the shorter bin side. Today, I am also traveling with a nice hat (a stetson stratoliner. non crushable) which I place right on top of my briefcase. I am sitting right across the aisle from them. A guy sitting in the opposite aisle seat comes in with a backpack and a computer bag. Without even looking, he threw his bag on too of mine, crushing my hat. I asked him to watch my hat. He indignantly said, what hat? I got up to show him. He then verbally accosted me a bit asking why I didn't just load it in "my side". I informed this idiot about the sizing of the bins etc but he really just wanted to be a jackass...which he was. That said, this happened in first class so yes there are very rude and inconsiderate people in FC at times. People, pay attention and watch your manners when traveling, please

Have Some Respect

Lost ID

Travel discovery: it is very nerve wracking moving in to panic stage when one discovers he can't find his ID as he gets to TSA. Twenty minutes later all was well but I lost a lot of hair during that time....just in case any of you happen to see me and my hair is thinner.