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The Stars Sometime Align

Air travel can be challenging but some times the stars do align. Heading home out of Dulles/DC, connecting in Atlanta. Boarded flight when the Captain announces a ground delay due to weather. We sat on the tarmac for a while through two more announced delays but finally took off. But then the question would be, will I make my connection? I knew it was going to be tight. So first I check landing and departure times, thinking wow it really is going to be close, depending on distance between the aircraft, including concourse changes etc. But I should be able to make it. So I then check arrival gate, B27. I am familiar with this gate. It is not the furthest from the escalators to the trains but can be a hike, depending in the crowd but I am thinking it is doable. I also checked the type of plane for my connecting flight, an MD 88, the same model aircraft as my first leg. Good, it tells me my connecting departure flight is likely going to be close to being on time as it is an actual Delta owned plane, vs a regional carrier. So I begin to mentally prepare my departure from the first plane to be as quick as I can be. Fortunately I am in row 1 so as soon as the door opens I can be on my way. I am prepared from experience. I can do this. After mentally walking through my plans for deplaning I check on my departure gate. Same concourse, whew that helps. No need to worry about trains running on time. Flying out of Gate 27. That is about as close to my arrival gate as it comes. I will have to move back two rows but I will make my connection without breaking a sweat..."Stewardess, er....flight attendant can you please bring me another glass of wine?" Stars do sometimes align ????.

CLEAR Lane in Denver

CLEAR lane at TSA security line in Denver! Awesome! Not one person in front of me. I zipped through TSA line literally in less than two minutes.

Acts of Kindness

Random act of kindness. I try to tip when and where appropriate. Boarding a flight, the guy in front of me noticed a a delta team member walk back up the skybridge with an empty wheelchair after delivering an elderly lady to her seat. He asked the skycap if she tipped him? No. This guy slipped him a couple bucks. Classy. I thanked him and I learned something. ;)

Dress for Success?

Why do middle aged men with not so attractive feet or legs feel the need to wear shorts and flip flops when traveling by air and walking through airports? Seems to be an abundance today. Not cool, imho.

Airplanes are Like Ovens

Hey Delta a plane sitting at the gate in 90 degree temp is going to get hot. Perhaps it would make sense to cool it down before boarding time rather than delaying the flight? Perhaps a little better planning is in order? What say you?