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The World We Are In

Oh, the world we are in. We just landed and I am walking through the Memphis Airport when I noticed an airport worker standing in front of and blocking the entrance to the men's restroom with a confused look on his face. I started to walk in and he put his hand up to stop me and said "I can't let anyone in....a woman just walked in"...He said "I don't understand, the women's restroom is directly across the hallway"? So I ask, "are you sure it's a woman?" He got the funniest and confused look on his face and then realized what was probably happening. It was kinda funny but our world is in a crazy place these days

Kindness in the Airport

It is always fun and gratifying to see the kindness of humanity. I landed in Atlanta, concourse b and going to concourse d. The escalator down to the tunnel/walkway/train is pretty long at concourse b. I am guessing 2.5 stories. As I head down the escalator I look to my left to see the up escalator with one young man, maybe 5 yrs old, riding up with his camouflage rollerboard, looking behind him with a bit of panic on his face. I look down and see his mother at the bottom, struggling to manage another large rollerboard and a very reluctant 3 yr old who was not about to step on that danged old moving staircase. She too was beginning to panic as she tried to wrangle her life at the bottom of the escalator. As I was about halfway down and planning to offer assistance, another very nice lady saw her predicament and came to her aid. I could be wrong but I just imagine that this was a military wife trying to manage her brood to get the next assignment. She seemed confident and experienced, yet overwhelmed and her 5 yr old was brave and scared as he clutched his rollerboard. Kudos to the lady who offered her assistance just at the right moment to help another in distress.

Humor on Delta

The Delta sense of humor...perhaps a bit off color. Boarding on my last leg home. First class upgrade. As I step on the plane I had my blazer on my arm. I asked the flight attendant if she would like to take my coat now rather than after I was seated. She grabbed it and retorted, "do you want me to take your pants, too"? That got a great laugh among those within earshot and she quickly followed up with "I just want the one with the wallet in the pocket". She was a hoot.