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High Heels and Backpack

I am walking through the Atlanta airport on my way to make my connecting flight. Ahead of me I notice a tall and thin young lady walking slowly and deliberately. She had what must have been a twenty five pound backpack, filled to the gills and she seemed to be having trouble with her center of gravity being out of kilter. She also had a distressed look on her face as I passed her by as she seemed to be teetering a bit. I looked down and noticed what must have been at least six inch heels on her shoes. Now, I appreciate high heels on women as 1) they can be very attractive and 2) I am nearly 6'4" so standing around too many people who are often a foot shorter than me makes me feel like Gulliver and I get nervous. That said, while this young lady was attractive, those shoes were a bit comical and her backpack made it look like, if someone tried, she could be spun like a top. I am just glad she was not on my flight wearing that backpack.

Partisan Hack

Some things I just don't understand. Sitting in the Concierge lounge at the crystal city hilton (DC). I grab my plate of cheese and a glass of wine and sit down in a nice conversational area in front of a TV with cnn broadcasting. There is a black gentleman sitting across from me. Ben Carson and his wife are being interviewed at cnn. Very impressive regardless of his political leanings, etc. A classy couple. So, at the end of the interview, I look up and casually say the Carson's are an impressive couple. The guy across from me immediately retorts "no, they're not". How in the world can anyone, regardless of race or political persuasion not agree that Ben Carson and his wife are impressive people. I am not saying he should be President but damned impressive regardless. Partisan Political hacks are disgusting.

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