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What a Job!

'Look close. Two guys in a cherry picker hanging over a fifty story building. Hmmm. No thanks but I am impressed.'

Yes, We Need a Healthy Pilot.

Ok, another first for me. Flight fully boarded, everyone settled in, cabin door closed but jet bridge still in place. In usual fashion, the captain comes over the loudspeaker, normally to welcome travelers, give some flight and weather info, etc. Nope, not this time. He announced that he wasn't feeling well and decided to remove himself from this flight, which he then did. They reopened the cabin door, he put on his captains hat and coat and he left. Before leaving he announced that he had worked with Delta pilot staffing office and another pilot had just landed and was pulling into a gate just four slots down. We were only delayed about 30 mins. So, kudos to the captain for recognizing/admitting he was not fit for duty and kudos to the captain and #Delta for taking care of business promptly and professionally.