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Please, Follow the Captain's Orders

Flight story. My first leg out of DAL into Atl is delayed due to weather. Boarding was chaotic but finally everyone gets seated. A guy across the aisle in 1st kinda rudely asks the cabin attendant when we were leaving. She responded politely that it would be soon. A few minutes later we roll further down the tarmac and stop, I assume for clearance, etc. A few minutes click by when the pilot come on the PA to say we were held up a few minutes but had a departure time in 5 mins.

Great Flight, Delta

One of the best flights I have been on lately was this past Sunday. I was fortunate enough to be upgraded to first class. After settling in before takeoff the captain come back to greet us and thank us for our business, recognizing that our frequent flyer status put us in the top four percent of Delta travelers. He also welcomed us and chatted about the anticipated flight etc before returning to the flight deck. He really set everyone at ease with his confident yet friendly demeanor. After takeoff he came on the PA system to introduce himself and his first officer. The captain was a Naval Academy Grad and spent a career protecting our country flying F4s and then F16s. His flight officer was a bit younger and was an Air Force Academy grad who saw active duty in the Middle East and still serves in the Air National Guard. Again he thanked everyone for their business. Along the route from Atl to bdl (Hartford), he would point out cities and landmarks of interest like a professional tour guide. The tone of his confident and friendly leadership filtered through the entire crew. Everyone one of the crew were attentive, courteous and professional. So, kudos to the Captain and crew of Delta1696 on Feb 28.