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Street Smarts vs Book Smarts

I am sitting on a flight with my first class upgrade, row 3 aisle. In front of me, across the aisle in row 1 there is a fairly well dressed gentleman studiously reading and writing notes. If I had to guess, he may be an engineer or maybe a math professor. He gets up out of his seat to retrieve his backpack (ugh) in the overhead bin. For those who don't get to fly very often, the overhead bin latches are not too difficult to operate. After several attempts to push the bin door closed he became exasperated and began slamming it, to no avail. The flight attendant, obviously annoyed but professional, ushered him out of her way and back to his seat and then gingerly lifted the bin door handle and quietly, even softly, latched the bin door. Street smarts vs book smarts. Geezzzz.

Yankin and Bankin into DCA

Just landed at DCA. For those familiar, most of the time these flights approach from the south over MD and VA. Today we followed the Potomac River from the north. The pilot was yanking and banking like a fighter jock until we hit the deck hard enough to wake the dead. The flight attendant announced it was not the pilot's fault, it was not the crews fault. It was the asphalt. Everyone's a comedian these days. Lol

Delta Chattanooga Team Rocks

Once again, I gotta brag on the Delta Chattanooga team. The gate agent had an early birthday card for me, along with Hershey kisses and then a mint sitting on all the seats. Very nice touch