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Where's the Weight Room!

This is an unscientific observation but, sitting in a lounge at a business conference enjoying an adult beverage, it always appears to me, as a former exercise junkie, that the people who wander through the bar after a "workout" don't really appear to be the "workout" type in a regular basis. They are rather paunched in appearance and seemingly sweating much more than the level of of humidity would normally suggest. Just sayin. Reminds me of Tommy in "Tommy Boy", looking for the weight I again sip my adult beverage. ????

The ManBun

I wish I'd had my camera handy. Going down escalator in ATL, a man bun sitting atop buzzed cut sides. It looked quite odd. Something else to put in the things I don't understand file. ????

Please, Don't Steal My Beverage!

Well I don't recall this ever happening to me on a flight before. I ordered a nice refreshing non adult beverage from the flight attendant after we took off. The lady next to me was settled in reading a book and did not order a drink. So, the flight attendant delivered my refreshing drink and sat it down on the middle console for me as I was reading a magazine. As soon as the flight attendant walked away I look over to grab my drink. My seatmate beat me to it. She stole my drink. lol She realized what she instinctively had done about the same time I did. She was mortified and apologized profusely, even offering the drink back to me. It was pretty funny and she told me the look on my face was priceless...and I bet it was. She stole my drink!  We both got a good laugh. ????  Ah, the joys of travel

Traveling Musicians

Ok, I am all for supporting the arts and artists and I understand the need to protect valuable instruments. But a guy just boarded my flight with a large hard guitar case, taking up an entire bin and a large carryon, taking up another half bin. Before boarding the gate agent announced twice that it is a full flight and limited bin space. This guy is a bit of a prima Dona in my book. He should have checked his bag at least.