The Rude, Entitled Traveler


If you travel enough you will eventually encounter this guy or gal. On recent business trip one morning I was standing toward the front of the boarding line when he forced his way through the crowded gate area area and made it to the gate agent who was in the process of pre boarding families with infants, military personnel, etc. 

He literally reminded me of Boss Hogg from the old Dukes of Hazzard. He was short and fat with his gut protruding inches over his belt, wearing a blue blazer, light colored pants and expensive looking slip on shoes and no socks. He was also wearing a ball cap to cover his bald grey head. He looked to be in his sixties and yes the look on his face as he approached was entitled.

Rather than waiting on instructions to board as a premium flyer as the rest of us do, he simply broke in front of a family with two small children and sat his smartphone on the scanner for boarding. The gate agent, rather than causing a scene, grimaced and welcomed him on board. 

When I boarded, there he was, sitting in First Class all by himself in an aisle seat like a cat that ate the canary. I walked on to my seat, two rows behind first class and in direct line of site of Boss Hogg. 

It was a completely full flight and running a couple minutes late. Ole Boss Hogg started pushing his weight around again by demanding the flight attendant to bring him a bloody Mary before takeoff.  He was accommodated but the look on the flight attendant's face said it all. A few minutes later his seatmate arrived, ole Boss had to get up to allow the passenger in his seat. When he stood, somehow that Bloody Mary ended up on on his shirt and pants. He did it to himself. I could see the flight attendants in the galley and they quietly and discreetly started laughing with glee, before going to render aid to ole Boss with Club Soda and paper napkins. 

Something about watching this episode was quite entertaining and somewhere I believe Karma just might have played a role. 

Current rating: 5


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