Double Take in the Skyclub


Arriving at LaGuardia Airport a bit early, I headed to the Delta Skyclub to relax for a few minutes before my flight.

While enjoying a nice bowl of soup (Delta Skyclubs generally have decent food offering), a young man walks by wearing headphones and seemingly engrossed in his phone, clicking away with both hands as he walked.

Behind him I noticed his hard case four wheeled luggage following behind as if being pulled right along.  Not unusual, right? 

But I saw both of his hands on his phone and not holding a leash or strap.

I looked for a tether. Nothing. I looked again after rubbing my eyes and them a third time. Nothing.

This darned piece of luggage was following hehind him like a puppy. Nothing attached.

It was the darndest thing I have seen in a while. And yes, a definite double and triple take. 

We are in a Jetson kind of world.


I could do nothing but chuckle.

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