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Double Take in the Skyclub

Arriving at LaGuardia Airport a bit early, I headed to the Delta Skyclub to relax for a few minutes before my flight.

Overheard on a Recent Delta Flight

On a morning flight, sitting in the seat just in front, a thirty something young lady with a toddler.

Rude Millenial Traveler

I had an early flight this morning. My seat is in the rear of the plane, a full sized MD88. Because of my frequent flyer status I am able to board with first class.

Today's Youth

Today's youth. We went to breakfast at one of our regular hangouts this morning. Our server was a very sweet doe eyed teenager, maybe 17 yrs old, I am sure a part timer. She was eager to please and was good in every way. Sheena ordered scrambled eggs with some cheddar cheese, her regular order at this establishment. The server had a confused look on her face and said "we don't have cheddar cheese". Sheena commented "Oh, you're out of cheddar cheese?". "No, we don't have cheddar cheese. We only have shredded cheese". I then asked what they make their "Cheddar Scrambler", listed on the menu, with? She had a confused look on her face and responded "shredded, I guess" here was her sign.

Nice Suit and a BACKPACK!!

l am sure it is just me but there is something that is just not right about seeing a young traveling attorney/Jr executive, wearing a very nice three piece dark suit and a walking with a forward lean because of a twenty pound backpack protruding foot from his shoulders. It's hard to stand tall and impressive when hunched over...just saying. ????

The ManBun

I wish I'd had my camera handy. Going down escalator in ATL, a man bun sitting atop buzzed cut sides. It looked quite odd. Something else to put in the things I don't understand file. ????

Traveling Musicians

Ok, I am all for supporting the arts and artists and I understand the need to protect valuable instruments. But a guy just boarded my flight with a large hard guitar case, taking up an entire bin and a large carryon, taking up another half bin. Before boarding the gate agent announced twice that it is a full flight and limited bin space. This guy is a bit of a prima Dona in my book. He should have checked his bag at least.

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