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Double Take in the Skyclub

Arriving at LaGuardia Airport a bit early, I headed to the Delta Skyclub to relax for a few minutes before my flight.

Overheard on a Recent Delta Flight

On a morning flight, sitting in the seat just in front, a thirty something young lady with a toddler.

L.A.Law or Boston Legal?

I feel like I am watching an episode of L.A.Law or Boston real life. I am sitting in the second row of first class. Just in front of me in row one are two legal love birds headed to DC. He, sitting in the aisle seat. She the window. He looks to be in his forties, curly permed and receding hairline, wearing a nice but off the rack pin striped suit. No top coat but a wool scarf draped around his neck, tie untied but still settled under his buttoned down collar. He appears to spend time in the gym. He is "cool and confident". She, probably late thirties, blonde, attractive, professional in appearance and a bit doe eyed. As soon as they sit down they start chattering, rather loudly. He regaling her with his trips to Berlin and Prague. She hangs on every word. They talk about their respective experiences in law school while drinking their cheap but ok wine. He red. She white. I hear them talk about cases, etc, in between small smooch sessions. He then starts talking about his three kids, and of course whips out his phone to show beach pictures. She oohs and ahs for effect while the cuddle up when the lights dim. They still feign interest in legal talk as they begin to quiet down and get a little closer. This is where it got funny. One of his apparently younger colleagues walks by on the way to the lavatory and says hello. I thought the guy was going to break his chair trying to sit back up and look "professional". I am guessing there is at least one spouse in this story that is not in this particular episode. Dang, this is entertaining. Lol

How Rude!

I just don't get some people and how the world must revolve around them, oblivious to those around them. Case in point. I got my comp upgrade to first class, sitting in the aisle, fourth row.

Black Jack

My politically incorrect flight experience in first class. I am flying to Hartford this evening. It is an unusual 3 leg flight and finally on my last leg from Raleigh to Hartford aboard a CRJ 900. It has a first class cabin, but small. I am feeling a bit of a cold coming on so, instead of my usual cabernet, I ordered some Jack Daniels and ginger ale to sooth my throat a tad.

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