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Summer Seersucker in the Sky

Rude Millenial Traveler

I had an early flight this morning. My seat is in the rear of the plane, a full sized MD88. Because of my frequent flyer status I am able to board with first class.

Air Travel Tips, Observations and Etiquette

I don't claim to be an expert, but I have logged nearly two million miles on a couple thousand flights inside canisters with wings that are shooting through the air. I have learned a few things over the years and made lots of observations during the process.

Delta Dress Code

Hey Delta, you should post a requirement that pants should be fully pulled up to cover all of one's undergarments in order to board a flight...just saying. 

Sheriff Buford T. Justice

Reminiscent of Sheriff Buford T. Justice, a big Ole dude with tennis shoes just walked out of the men's room with about six feet of toilet paper trailing him, attached to his shoe. He didn't notice until he had walked across the room. It really struck me as laugh out loud funny for some reason.

BackPacks on Planes! NO!

I hate backpacks on airplanes. Well, actually I hate them when worn by very rude and inconsiderate people while boarding a flight. Come on people, when you turn in the aisle, that one foot protrusion on your back has to go somewhere. I prefer that it not be in my face....or anyone's face. Geez, people! Think a little bit. It is not all about you! And that is my airplane rant for today.

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